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help: Gives a list of commands.
info: Gives more detailed information about me.
hangman [DIFFICULTY]: Starts a new hangman game. Difficulty is optional.
guess LETTER: If a hangman game is going, doing this command will guess a letter.
roles: Allows you to see all the roles on this server.
assignable-roles: Shows all the roles you are allowed to assign yourself
assign-role: Assigns you a role that is assignable. See the assignable roles with the command above.
remove-role: Removes a assignable role from you.
role-info: Shows detailed information about your roles.
set-prefix: Changes the prefix for Mybot. Cannot do if you do not have the manage server permission.
set-channel-name: Changes the name of the channel that Mybot listens to. Cannot do if you do not have the manage channels permission.
hangman-info: Shows detailed information about hangman.